Jet Trikes
part two
The Amigos awesome afterburner
The Drivers Drag-bike
Tyler shows of the 1/8th mile track
That does *NOT* look safe
The Auto Amigos are all fired up
They are cruising down the track
The cross with a time of 22.051s
After a problematic start, the 
Dirty Drivers are set
They're having problems of some kind
Something didn't go right. Time: 27.240s
In the last run, no jet, just the fan
That fireball behind them has to 
be kind of scary
A slower time of 26.535s
Lots of smoke and the Drivers are off
It's better this time
No afterburner and a time of 24.780s
The Amigos are giving it everything
They are smokin' this track
A 'blazing' time of 20.854s is 
the new benchmark
It's all or nothing as the Dirty Drivers 
take off on their final run
It looks pretty good....
...but a time of 23.260s isn't enough. 
The Auto Amigos advance!