To open this series, the teams will have to race a dunebuggy around a track at a beach with deep, soft, dry sand. The track has dips, tight turns and a hill leading to the finish line. Each team will have 3 chances to race their buggy around the track, changing drivers between each run. They must complete the course for their time to count and they cannot leave the course. If they go off the course, that run is disqualified. The team with the fastest time after 3 runs advances to the semi-finals.

The Superchargers are going for a powerful design. They will build a chassis out of steel tubing and attach a motorcycle engine for power. 4 big and kind-of soft tires will give excellent traction on the sand. Because they're using steel tubing to make their chassis it could end up being a very heavy beast. If it's too heavy, their motorcycle engine might not be able to provide enough oomph to get them moving and then keep them moving around the track.

On the other side of the wall, the Junkyard Hogs are going for a lightweight approach. They will build a trike with a big, beefy engine. The trike will consist of a motorcycle with the rear tire replaced by two sand tires, which should help. They will also use the existing chain drive to put the power back there. However, a trike could be very unstable going around corners, especially if they're going at high speed. It might also be difficult finding a big enough engine and proper tires.

The Junkyard Hogs
cwise fr top lt; Captian Gerry,
Chris, Bernie, expert Randy
The Superchargers
cwise fr top lt; Captain Steve,
Jason, CJ, expert Steve Bishop
The Junkyard Hogs want a sand trike
The Superchargers go for 4-wheel fun
This lawn tractor might be
of some use
Just one of many tires the teams
are going to need for their buggies
This big snowmobile engine is just
what the doctor ordered
The Superchargers need tubing for
their homemmade chassis
However, an already built golf
cart frame might be better
The engine doesn't fit very well in
this frame so they have...
...decided to change their design to a
more accomodating 4-wheeler
This perfectly good motorcycle
leads to a conclusion that...
...perhaps a trike design might
be best suited for their needs
Judge Walker Evans
A change to bigger tires might
give them an edge
The Hogs need this drive sprocket
to get power to their rear axle
Eventually, they get this engine to
start after trying for awhile
They weld this tire to a hub
The Superchargers tricked
out trike
The Junkyard Hogs fab
The course is a semi-oval
with dips and hills
The Hogs are experiencing slippage
from their transmission
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