Paintball Tanks

It's a Battle of the Boroughs as the Bronx Bravest (New York Firefighters) take on the Brooklyn Benders (artists) in an all out war. Their task is to build a vehicle that can carry all four teammembers and fire paintball pellets at the opposing teams tank. There are three rounds, all on a playing field littered with junked cars & railroad ties. The object is to hit a target mounted on the other teams' tank which gets smaller with each progressive round. Should any teammember take a direct hit (not merely splattered) then the game is stopped, that person leaves the tank and playing field and the game resumes. It's a best two-out-of-three for a spot in the semifinals.
The Bronx Bravest are looking for big. They will take a van and mount a compressor onto the engine which will be used to fill a tank with compressed air. The compressed air will shoot out the paint pellets from guns that they will build. It's a simple enough idea but will they be able to find all of the parts required? They're gonna need a working van, a compressor that works, tubing and quick release valves for their guns. It's a shopping list that requires a lot of components that all have to hold up.

The Brooklyn Benders are going to use a golf cart for their tank. The small size will give them plenty of agility and their guns will use carbon-dioxide fire extinguishers to propel the pellets. The problem will lie in the cart. Golf carts are battery powered and we all know by now how difficult fidning one good battery is...a golf cart will require atleast 3 car batteries. Also, it will be slower and if a leak should raise it's head....they're sitting ducks with no weaponry.
Brooklyn Benders
clockwise fr top lt; Captain Erok, Hackett,
Heather & expert Bill Tyson
Bronx Bravest
clockwise fr top lt; Captain Gene, Murph,
Skip & Expert Paul Hoarde
The Bronx Bravest want to build
a van tank
A golf cart will suit the design needs
of the Brooklyn Benders
One golf cart, coming up
Hopefully, the dent in the side of this
van will be fixed before race day
The easy way into a locked truck
This hole will be used for a turret
Dead batteries...what were you expecting?
Judge Joe Tipman
Paul complains to Bill about an intruder
Bill asks Paul if he has anything he can use
This air tank will have them firing paint
pellets all day
This cannon will be mounted to the
turret for 360 degree firing action
I've enhanced this image to show where
they peppered the side of the bus with
paint pellets
Bronx Bravest are hiding these key pieces
from the Brooklyn Benders..Bill does
come over and find them though

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