Submarine Racers
part two
As Tyler checks out the interior of
the sub, Brewsir shows off one of
the dive planes
The skids go on the sub, with some help,
but they're too long and will need to be
cut down by a few inches
This is the easy way to move a car
The wimpy little motors go on
The Custom Cruisers attack sub
The Model Ts 'Herbie the Love Sub'
A quick demonstration of the hydraulic
motor the Model Ts had to go with.
Steering is moving the motor side-to-side
Divers add, and subtract, lead weights
in an attempt to get these subs sitting
properly in the water
How's the air in there?
The Model Ts are churning...
...but only turning sideways
The Cruisers are moving...slowly
It's a finish. One for the Cruisers
Their sub breaks the surface
The Model Ts are moving a little
It wasn't enough. 2 wins send the 
Cruisers to the finals!