Mud Racers
The only race on TV where mudslinging isn't only's required! Two teams from the Motorcity must build, in 10 hours, the best mud racing buggy made from scrap ever. The teams (the Model Ts and Detroit Muscle) will race around a triangular course with one very wet and muddy spot. Each team will have 3 chances to race around the course (one at a time) with the fastest time winning. If either team loses control and two tires, or more, leave the track then that will earn them a disqualified run. Also, each driver can make only one run.

Detroit Muscle are going to hand build a chassis and mount a big engine in the back. That engine will power two big tractor tires. Upfront will be 2 small truck tires and the driver. It'll be light-weight but will it be too light and just sink into the mud without going anywhere? Also, can they find enough material to totally make their chassis AND make it strong enough?

The Model Ts are going in a totally opposite direction. They are going to use an existing truck chassis and mount a giant V8 engine to it with a 4-wheel drive transfer case. They plan to use military tires, which are thinner, and should give them an advantage. However, will it be too heavy? Also, if the tires are too thin, they'll just get stuck and provide no traction.
The new timer crushes a little
The Model Ts
clockwise from top left; Captain Gary,
Steve, Justin & expert Eddie Chesser
Detroit Muscle
clockwise from top left; Captain Steve,
Todd, Kevin & expert Tony Hamm
Detroit Muscle want to build a
dainty racer
The Model Ts are going for big,
bulky & nasty
Army tires for the Model Ts
Tractor tires for Detroit Muscle
This big chassis will support the Model
Ts plans for a V8
This mail jeep will only give up its
V6 to Detroit Muscle
Judge Rob Swim
The Model Ts look for a battery
The Model Ts want to flatten their army
tires with a sheet of steel bolted on each
Living up to their name, Detroit Muscle
merely flip a truck chassis off of the
junk pile
Blasphemy! The Ford boys are using this
Chevy V8
Steering linkage will make steering
their racer much easier

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