Ice Warriors
part two
They weld up their funky looking
roll cage/puck nabber
A few of the 600 screws gets attached
Shades of the minesweeper!!
This test of the pneumatic shooter went a whole 6 inches
The Custom Cruisers lawn hockey
ice jockey
The Family's nimble ice warrior
Da da DAda da daaa...CHARGE!
They guys get some practice
The rink surface, D-zones hi-lited
Hard to see in this picture, but they
are kicked the puck
Ooh!  It's a breakaway
down the ice!
At the end of the 1st, it's 3-0
 Here, they make the turnaround
Brewsir scores a goal...finally
Jay is hurt and the period is ended
early (it wasn't serious)
The Cruisers have narrowed to gap to 4-2
Ooh!  So close!
The Kentucky Fried Family are
your series champs!
It was a close one that came down
to the final few seconds.  6-5