Ice Warriors

It's finals time and there's nary a teacher in sight. This challenge will require cool nerves. Facing each other is the Kentucky Fried Family and the Custom Cruisers. The goal is to build a hockey playing machine. They will each design a vehicle capable of driving on ice and shooting an oversized puck into a net at either end of a hockey rink. To start after each goal, they will have to first drive to the blue line then come back around to get control of the puck. There are large D-zones infront of each net that they are NOT allowed to shoot from inside of. The team that score the most goals after 3 3-minute periods, is this season' champion.

The Kentucky Fried Family are basing their design on a snowmobile. Two skates in the front will be used for steering and a motorscooter will provide power to a single studded drive-wheel in the rear. They will shoot the puck used a pneumatic firing arm, powered by compressed air. The potential problmes lie in a motorscooter engine (specifically finding one that actually works) and getting the skates lined up properly so it will go forward and not off to one side.

It's a mower in the future of the Custom Cruisers. They will re-work a riding lawn mower with studded wheels and add flipper arms to either side with which to shoot the puck. Again, finding a riding lawn mower with a working engine moght be a problem as well as finding suitable material for their flippers. However, they had best be careful to not puncture their tires...they could be in short supply.
Kentucky Fried Family expert
Custom Cruiser expert
Ron Bergeman
The Family's snowmobile
based design
The Cruisers' dual flippered
lawn tractor
Tyler shows off one of the
over-sized pucks
The Cruisers find one of the knobby
ATV-style tires they need
This scooter motor should
power them along
The lawn tractor will provide a
sturdy base for welding
They find a proper rear-wheel and
attach a steel skin to it
Judge Dave Rutherford
Welding the skate blade is delicate.
The soft metal could melt fomr the
heat of the welder
The wheels didn't quite fit the hub
of the lawn tractor so they had to
weld the wheels to the old hubs
Tyler inspects one of the solid oak
puck filppers
Each team received a safety
Brewsir knocked Wille out with the
roll cage (OK, not really)
Scrapdaddy check the steering

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