Sand Yacht

It's a showdown bewteen 2 teams from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT). The Quantum Mechanics, an all girl team (a first) take on The Geeks (NOT a first). Each team will be building a sand yacht. They will have to race it, two at a time, around a triangular course on a salt flat. Best two out of three wins.

A land yacht is a "boat" with wheels (usually 3) and a large sail. Normally they carry one person at a time. The wind blows against the sail (not unlike a sailboat) and propels the craft to a much higher speed than on water (much less friction). The tricky part is making a mast and sail that can withstand a good gust of wind or two...or three...or...

The Quantum Mechanics are going for a standard design. 3 wheels and a mast in the middle. The driver and passenger will sit across the back to steer and manouever the sail to find the wind for maxiumu thrust. They will have to find sail material and something strong enough to make a mast to support the sail. They will also need to be concerned about supporting a big mast and the weight of the teammates.

The Geeks are throwing convention to the wind. They will use a sheet of aluminum to make their sail. This is good because it will be very rigid and won't flap around in a strong wind. However, this is totally untested and never even attempted before. The overall weight might just be enough to collapse the entire rig, making it a big 'ol paperweight.

The Quantum Mechanics
clockwise from top left; Captain Leila,
Dainelle, Kim & expert Nord Embroden
The Geeks
clockwise from top left; Captain Thomas,
Rhett, Koobs & expert Dennis Bassano
Quantum Mechanics' design
The Geeks' design
The Quantum Mechanics want to use
lightweight kayaks for seating
Rhett quickly finds some sturdy
aluminum tubing
A sail works like an airplane wing on
its sucks the boat forward
This trailer axle will be used to make
the rear portion of The Geeks boat
It's Judge Bob Dill
The Quantums find some sail material
It's a sail material mele!
That's a lot of parts and nothing built
Talk about power...these ladies dragged
a helicopter in for inspection!
The top of a trailer will be very suitable
for The Geeks' sail
It's starting to come together
The Geeks spy by offering cookies
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