Mechanical Mole
Part Two
This auger will carry the spoils, or
waste material, away from the drill
Someone's doin' a wee bit o'
Gary lines up the crucial sprocket
himself. If it's off by much, it'll break
A quick test to ensure that cutting head
will eat into the concrete
Bold 3s Hydraulic Mole
The Turbines Motorcycle Mole
The Turbines are off to a flying start
Ditto for Bold 3
So that's why it's called a shear pin.
It's completely sheared off!
The Turbines are having problems too.
They've thrown the chain off
Bold 3 is through first
The Turbines are behind by quite a bit
They're off and running smoothly
Bold 3 is going along swimmingly too
Their pin broke again & Bold 3 is poking
their way through slowly but surely
It's The Turbines who are through first!
Hydraulics take a dive again