Mechanical Mole
Bold 3 take on The Turbines in a dirty race. Each team will have to build a machine that can dig through solid concrete. The "course" consists of one 3 foot-thick wall wihich they must bore a hole through. They must then get all 4 team members through the hole, grab a piece of "gold" from Cathy in an inner room then bore another hole through a 2nd wall that is also 3 feet thick. The first team to get all 4 teammembers through the second hole, advance to the semi-finals.

Bold 3 are going to build a traditional machine. A cutting head, with teeth, will eat its way through the concrete. A spiralling piece of sheet metal will carry the "spoils" (dug through material) away from the hole for a smoother operation. They will use the engine from a vehicle to power a pump leading to...a hydraulic engine connecting to the cutting bit. Their only downfall will be the curse of the hydraulics.

The Turbines are using a machine found mostly in coal mines. A head with 3 sets of spinning teeth to eat it's way through the concrete. It will be powered by a motorcycle engine and pushed physically through the wall by the team. They plan on using 2 chains which should cause the head to pull itself through the concrete instead of pushing against the head to force it into the concrete. Will two motorcycle chains and a motorcycle engine be enough to get through six feet of concrete? The Turbines had better hope so.

The Turbines
clockwise, from top left;  Captain Gary,
Johnny C, Ronda & expert Joe Zimmerman
Bold 3
clockwise, from top left; Captain Jean,
John, Johnny & expert Brian Asbury
The Turbines' dual chain design. Easy
work but twice as much to break!
Bold 3s hydraulic auger. It's powered
by hydraulics. Is that good or bad?
The Turbines want to use this car
engine to power their digger
Look familiar? It's a hydraulic engine
& pump in one. It's also seen more
use than a collection plate on Sunday
This pump is much more managable
than "Yellow Death"
The Turbines are now going to use a
motorcycle engine. Much easier to
work with in the long run
Judge Darlene Bray
Tyler gives Cathy a surprise
Turbo 3 will use this Jeep engine to
power the hydraulic pump/engine
That shear pin will connect the pump
to the Jeep's drive shaft
The Turbines' sprocket isn't perfect so
it has to be rebored out
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