Garbage Guzzler

This is the final build before the semi-finals begin. Trying to get into the semis are the Trash Can Heroes and the Sewer Rats. Today, they must create a garbage eating machine. They will each navigate garbage in one half of an oval track. There are 3 heats each longer than the last and each with heavier garbage than the last. The final heat will also have parked cars to clean around. The team that has the heaviest load of garbage after the 3 heats is the winner.

The aptly named Sewer Rats are going to try and suck as much as possible at this contest. They plan on building a giant vacuum on the back of a truck. The most crucial piece of their machine will be the fan that provides the suction.  It will have to be powerful enough to suck up debris and also be rugged enough to handle heavy garbage too. If the fan breaks during any of the clean-up times, it could be a lop-sided victory for the other team...especially if it breaks during the first heat.

The Trash Can Heroes are building a "traditional" brush sweeper. A series of flaps, some bristles and some "squeegees" will flick the garbage forward and into a hopper mounted on the back of the truck. By driving backwards they will have better maneuverability but the spinning garbage-flicker might just throw the garbage into the air and very little into the hopper.

The Sewer Rats
clockwise from top left; Captain Dion,
Chris, Ralph & expert Jim Adair
The Trash Can Heroes
clockwise from top left; Captain Paul,
Jay, Anton & expert Brian Giles
The Sewer Rats' Super Sucker
The Trash Cans' Brisk Broom
This housing will work very well with
their vacuum system
as will this garbage dumpster as a 
holding tank for all of their gargabe
The Trash Cans' find an excellent truck
The Sewer Rats, having nothing to do,
take a coffee break
This funky little car will power the
vacuum fan for the Sewer Rats
Judge Gale Holsman
They only needed half of  the car
The expert made a fan after they couldn't
find a good one until 4 hours later
A little welding goin' on
The car half gets attached
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