Fire Fighting Flotilla
part two
The chain goes form the Geeks
motorcycle to engine/pump
This impeller is the crux of The Pit Crew
design plan
The Pit Crew carefully place their engine
The Geeks pumper boat
The Pit Crew's floating Ford
Slightly re-edited, it's the course the
teams must follow
And they're off... are the tool sheds!
The Geeks pump first
The Pit Crew can't prime their pump
so they resort to throwing buckets
of water on their fire
Alas, the Geeks get a clogged pump
and must pitch water too
The Pit Crew douses their fire first
and race to grab the bolt cutters
The Geeks are hot on their heels..
...but it's too little too late.  The Pit Crew
advance to the finals