Fire Fighting Flotilla
It's brains versus braun as The Geeks take on The Pit Crew. They must build a fireboat capable of extinguishing a land-based fire from their water-based vantage point. They must get the boat to a mooring point, pump water from 20 to 30 feet away and extinguish their shed's fire. Once the fire is out, they have to get the boat to a peninsula, make a 100 yard dash to the shed's charred remains and grab a pair of bolt cutters. Once they have the bolt cutters, that person must run back to the boat and the team has to get back to the starting point and cut the chain on a box. The first team to open their box and fire the flare wins. Complicated, yes. However, it's for all the marbles and a spot in the final.

The Geeks are going to use an engine modified to pump water. It will be the pistons doing the pumping (normally they would compress the exhaust gasses under usual circumstances). This will be tricky because they will need to power the engine with another engine, find the right valves and such so it works properly to get a continuous stream of water.  It will also have to float which might be a problem as well.

The Pit Crew want to build a centrifugal pump. Water will be sucked up into a fan which will spin the water against the sides of a housing and fling it out the nozzle at a tremendous speed. The Pit Crew are not small boys and getting their pump and themselves to float might be tricky. This pump is a lot like a vacuum system (kind of the Garbage Guzzler previously seen this season).

The Geeks expert
Mirk Moyes
The Pit Crew's expert
Mike Ruthy
The Geeks want to build a piston pump
on a pontoon boat
The Pit Crew are going for a centrifugal
pump in a normal boat
The Geeks score with a motorcycle
Now they have a paddle boat
And another bike?
The Pit Crew decide to steal not one...
but BOTH motorcycles
That doesn't seem sporting
The Captains make a deal for each
team to get what they want and need
The Pit Crew will use this this pick-up
bed to make a boat
Judge John Phelan
Foam ceiling tiles should help that
truck bed float
The Geeks must get this engine to
become a pump
Sheet metal will make the truck box boat
more streamlined and maybe waterproof
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