Portable Bridge
Today, the Miami Gearheads will take on the Canadian Junkeeze in a race that will be a bridge too far. In a smart move, this contest is renamed 'Portable Bridge' (from the 3rd UK series Bridging Machine). They must build a brigde that can be carried or towed by a vehicle. It must then be used to carry the vehicle, team and any other parts they might need for the bridge across a 16 foot 'river'. Once across the river, they must pick the bridge back up and collect their team flag. Once they have the flag, they must race back across the river to the finish line.

The Miami Gearheads are going to build a hinged bridge much like the army uses. The truck will use a winch system to raise and lower the bridge. Since their truck will be heavy, they'll need to build a very sturdy (Ie, heavy) bridge. A winch will be of utmost importance.

The Canadian Junkeeze (yay!), the first Canadian team to participate, are going to build a towable bridge. A small vehicle will push the bridge to the gap and a jack will be used to raise the far end of the bridge into the air. It will then be lowered and the vehicle driven across. They will need a small, light vehicle and something like a trailer as a bridge.

The Miami Gearheads
l to r; Captain Milton, Frank, Anthony
and team expert Bill Harris
The Canadian Junkeeze
r to l; Captain Gary, Kevin, Mike
inset; expert Richard Hunt
This is what the army calls a
bridging machine
Find anything of interest in there?
The Junkeeze are building a towable
The Gearheads are going for a more
conventional hinged bridge
That's one way to remove a windshield
Cathy talks to Gary while holding a
'live' cutting torch
This 18 foot boat trailer will be the
basis for the Junkeeze bridge
This winch will help the Gearheads
raise and lower their bridge
Here comes da judge:
John Kosmatka
The Gearheads will be using this army
chassis as a bridge
This abbreviated Pontiac Firefly will
tow the team and their bridge
The Miami Gearheads have changed 
their design to a drawbridge
The Gearheads' expert, Bill, cut himself
pretty badly. He went to the hospital
to get a few stitches.
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