Monster Trucks
Part two
The Riders' monster truck
The Dawgs' monster truck
Cathy? Should you be walking there?
You might scratch the paint
The Real Thing. The latest generation
of Bigfoot
The S-shaped course
The Riders' truck mauls the cars
Their first run is a respectable 47.16s
The Dawgs make a dash for the end
Their time of 46.97 gives them a slim 
2 tenths of a second lead
The Riders' are lined up for the cars
Shaving 5 seconds off their time, it's
a new leader
A view from the Dawgs' truck
Amazing! Their time is just under 
40 seconds
Oh no! The Riders missed running over
the cars. That can't be good.
Yup. The Riders have been disqualified
for not getting their front 2 wheels onto
the row of cars
Victory goes to the Law Dawgs who
advance to the next round