Monster Trucks
In the 2nd US series opener, the Law Dawgs are going to try to cuff'n'stuff the Ghost Mountain Riders by building a better monster truck. Each team will race their truck around a course that has bumps and a row of crushed cars three times. Each lap around the track will be driven by a different driver and each lap is timed. The team with the fastest time will advance.

There isn't much room for design deviation. Each team will need big tires to climb over the hills and cars, strong axles that won't break, a super sturdy chassis that won't break under the strain of going over the cars and a very powerful engine to move their gigantic beasts.
The Law Dawgs
clockwise, from top-left; Captain Tom,
Mike, Dave & expert John Seasock
Ghost Mountain Riders
clockwise, from top-left; Captain Scotty
Clark, Johnson & expert Roy Hooser
The new 6WD buggies
The Riders will be using tractor tires
The Dawgs will be using tires from a
manure spreader...worth $20,000 each
Cathy stops for a chat with the Dawgs
Both teams are using a heavy-duty
army transport chassis
The judge is the man who created the
first monster truck, Bob Chandler
The Riders found a massive 350hp
Ford engine
The Dawgs got this 375hp engine from
a Cadillac hearse
Tyler tries to fit in with a fake mustache
Uh-oh!  The Riders' transmission
has a major leak
The Riders are using these dual tires
(called Dualies [dew-lees]) on the back
of their truck for stability.
Each team is required to build a
roll-cage onto their truck
The Riders take a break to chat

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