Heavy Artillery
Part Two
For ammo, the Hicks are using two oxygen
tank caps, welded together and weighted
Done early, The Washburn Boys are
maxin' and relaxin'
The Hicks Family cannon
The Washburn Boys' cannon
As each team makes a shot, all must
stay inside a protective bunker
The Washburns are up first and their
first shot recoils their gun 20 feet
Cathy points out the damage and
informs them that they scored 19 points
The Hicks Family make their shot...
...and miss.
The second Washburn shot reveals...
...even MORE damage. They are now
up 29 bricks to none.
The Hicks' second shot is a deadly hit
scoring 32 giving them a slight lead
They're so excited even Dad does
a dance
The Washburn Boys take their final
Uh-oh. The red flag isn't good news.
They missed entirely after their raising
mechanism had broken.
The Washburn Boys are stunned at the
news. The Hicks Family advance to the