Heavy Artillery
This competition features the first ever all-family Junkyard Wars. The Hicks Family will take on The Washburn Boys to build a mighty cannon. Their cannon will have to try to destroy the opposing teams castle in 3 shots. Whichever team does the most damage will advance to the semi-finals. This build is similar to the Cannon challenge from the 2nd UK Series except both teams will be using black powder to power their projectiles.

The Hicks Family will be building a traditional cannon with a fixed breech mounted to two wheels. They will need to be most concerned about the strength of their barrel.

The Washburn Boys are going to build a cannon with a removable breech, which will load from the rear. Their biggest concern, aside from barrel strength, will be that their breech wil survive three powerful blasts.

Both teams must worry about accuracy. Their first shot will probably be used to determine where they should aim to inflict the most damage.

The Hicks Family
l to r; Captain Sam (dad) and daughters
Anne & Jakey.  Bruce Paulson, expert
The Washburn Boys
clockwise, from top left; Capt Ray(dad),
sons Jon and Shane.  Bernie Paulson, expert
The Washburn Boys are going to load
their cannon from the rear...
...while The Hicks are going with a
traditional front-loading cannon
The Washburn Boys have an excellent
thick-walled pipe for their barrel
The Hicks have an excellent pair
of tires to set their cannon on
The Washburns are boring a hole in their
breech as a place to put the black powder
The Hicks have a thick pipe but are
reinforcing the end with a thicker pipe
to prevent the pipe from exploding
Our Judge is Paul De Nubilo
The Washburns are going to fill soda
cans with concrete for projectiles
Our two experts, twin brothers, meet
for some backdoor trading
Brother Bruce doesn't want that
wimpy piece of pipe
Jakey gets to work doing some
This a trunion, which is basically
a pivot for each teams cannon
The Washburns are going to use 6 lb.
solid steel cylinders as ammo
The Washburns launch an early attack with
a squirtgun salvo
The Washburn Boys have finished early 
and hold a parade in their honor
A cannon site gets attached to 
hopefully improve accuracy
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