Part two
The Rocketmen's Machine
The Miami Gearhead's Machine
Cathy shows us the size of the wall.
1,200 square feet
The Rocketmen don't even dent the wall
with their first hit
The Gearheads barely scratch their wall
with thise arms
But they're through! The Gearheads are
the first team through their wall
The Rocketmen are through! Just not
with their wrecking ball. They just
backed the truck through it
The Gearheads, seeing the new tactics
of the Rocketman, smash their truck
into the wall too
A great hit for the Gearheads!
But there's a problem.  Cathy reports
their engine is dead
Frank welds like mad-man after the
drive shaft comes apart
The Rocketmen are making up ground
and fast!
But they get stuck!
The teams congratulate each other
The 2001 Junkyard Wars Champions
The Miami Gearheads