Part two
The Long Brothers' ballistic missile
Art Attack's falming teepee
The Longs tighten their wires
The technician just finished making the
final connections
The Long Brothers' get an excelent
lift off
Uh...your rocket is dropping like
a stone
Ahhh...their payload is gently falling
This is a very odd sight. Art Attack
are kow-towing to their rocket
The technicians recheck the connections
after the rocket failed to fire
They're up and away!
And their cone is dropping like a
lead balloon
You can see the rocket engine just
beginning to ignite
They started off straight but it veered
a little bit later in the flight
The Long Brothers' egg is none the
worse for wear!
However...the Art Attack...well...
better luck next time
Your 1st US Series Champions...
The Long Brothers!!