The final for this American series pits the Long Brothers against the Art Attack. The Long Brothers built an all-terrain vehicle and a hovercraft to get to the final. The Art Attack constructed a power boat and diving bell to make it this far. The final competition finds these two teams building rockets. It will be easy to determine the winner. Which ever team's ostrich egg lands safely, wins. If both teams either break their egg or get it to land safely, then height will determine the winner.

The Long Brothers will be building a traditionally shaped rocket. This cigar shaped rocket will most likely fly higher because it's very aerodynamic. However, to keep this type of rocket stable, you need fins at the bottom. Getting the size and shape of these fins is not easy.

The Art Attack are throwing caution to the wind and convention out the window. Their rocket will be cone-shaped. The simplicity of this design will make it very stable in flight (think of a badminton birdie) but it will have a large area, making it susceptible to wind drag.

Giving the Art Attack some help is
James Tucci
Helping the Long Brothers deliver a
karate chop, Bruce Lee
Ah...the precious cargo
These are the rocket engines.  The red
one is 4 times more powerful than the
purple one
Someone has their finger on the button
Our judge for the final is
Ky Michaelson
The Long Brothers' StyroLathe is a
piece of styrofoam shoved onto a
Now that's how you pack
'em in!
The parachute seems to work fine
Only 4 hours build time left
Those fins should help stability
Art Attack does some strange dance
The Long Brothers have time to clean
their work area...
...and take a well deserved breather
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