The last machine before the finals is a hovercarft. The Long Brothers will face the Texas Scrap Daddies in an air-cushioned race to the finish line. The hovercraft must carry one teammate around a simple rectangular course.  Each person must take one turn, making it a 4 person, 4 lap relay race. The winner will glide into the finals.

A hovercraft is a platform supported by a cushion of air. A blower forces air down & under the platform. A skirt traps the air under the platform for optimum floatability. A second engine will power a propeller which will provide the drive force to make the hovercraft go forward. The crucial systems will be the skirt and the propeller. The skirt needs to be relatively airtight & the corners must be attached in an S shape to trap the air. The propeller must be facing the proper direction or else it will spin but not push the hovercraft along.

Bothe teams are building essentially the same machine. The only difference being the Scrap Daddies are using 2 engines (one for their blower and one to propel them foreward) while the Long Brothers are using a single engine to divert 1/3 of their air under the platform and 2/3 of the air out the back for motion.

Helping the Texas Scrap Daddies is
Terry Chapman
Here to lend a hand to the Long Brothers
is Bob Wind
The Long Brothers will use this shroud
from a jet engine to divert some air
down and some out the back
Two working engines. As most of you
know, this is the most important thing.
Our judge is
Chris Fitzgerald
That lightwieght material will make
the perfect skirt
The Scrap Daddies work away on their
support frame
This is how the corners must be
connected to keep the air trapped
Did you remember to thread the needle?
That shroud needs to go on a major
diet and fast!
By turning the welder to full power, the
tip slices through the aluminum at
10,000 dergees
In the single most amazing thing of
any series, the Scrap Daddies'
expert makes a propeller when they
can't find one
The Scrap Daddies inspect the top
deck of their hovercraft
George informs the teams that their
construction time is over
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