Part two
Before the big race, Cathy & George
face off.  George is in the recliner,
Cathy is in the canopy bed
Our racers a re lined up at the start.
Chicago Fire is on the left, Texas
Scrap Daddies on the right
The Chicago Fire are smokin' down
the track
Cathy radioes the results to George
The Texas Scrap Daddies have a slim
1/2 second lead
They're at the line for the 2nd race
That blur is the Texas Scrap Daddies
Bothes teams have posted better times
but the Chicago Fire now has the lead
There's the green light for the 3rd race
It's gonna be a photo finish
Ken is amazed that he won, but by how
The Texas Scrap Daddies pull off the
win with a final time of 8.589s to the
Chicago Fire's 8.593.  They won by
4 thousandths of a second!