Mega Wars
Part Two
Cathy chats with some ladies who are
professional Rock Crawlers
The Bears are unimpressed by the
Raptors powerful sounding engine
The Raptors do some cutting
This cooling fan from an engine will make
an inelegant propeller
The Bears are going for a chain drive
Here, you see it going through the
bottom of the boat
The Bulldogs show how the pontoons
will be attached
This skid plate should help protect the
vital bits under their Cherokee
Robert & Cathy look pained at the
tension in the Raptors camp
The Bulldogs are having trouble with
the V6 engine of their truck
The differential required new lubricating
oil.  An easy way to get oil into the housing
without flipping the truck on end is to
put oil in a baggie. The baggie gets
shredded in the gears, the oil does its
job and the plastic bits won't hurt anything.
Rene makes a funky octagonal roll
cage for their racing boat thing-a-ma-jig
Need to waterproof something? Duct
tape works best
The Bears break character and feel
the pressure in the final minutes
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