Formula One Racers
part two
In the first race, the Destroyers
are quick through the chicane
Oh! They spin out in the hairpin, that
will cost them precious seconds
The Destroyers finish in a very
respectable time of 3:33
A Shane's-eye view of what it's
like to zip through the chicane
No problem with the
hair-pin or this corner
It's a close one but The Cat-alysts
finish in 3:16 and take an early lead
Tim flys along the straightaway
in the second race
It's a quick pit-stop but not quick
enough for Tim who wants to go go go
He roars across the finish line in
4:36...will it be good enough?
The Destroyers are ready
and rarin' to get racin'
They make a very fast pit-stop and
a smooth race as well
They made up time with a faster
pit-stop for a time of 4:28!
This is it. Everything ride on
the final head-to-head race
The Destroyers take a quick
lead bu the Cats catch up
The Cats maintain a tenuous lead
The DEstroyers are making up
some ground as they pass the chicane
Oh no! The Jeep engine can't
take any more on the final lap
It's a three-peat for the Catalysts!