Formula One Racers

Returning IntraSeries champs The Cat-alysts square off against the 2003 Scrapheap Challenge champions the Destroyers in a race to build go-fast cars. As with previous IntraSeries Challenges, the teams will have 20 hours (2 days) to build their formula one racers. The finished cars will have to compete in three different types of racing. The first race is a 1 mile road course with a chicane, tight turns and a hair-pin turn. Next they will have to do 3 laps around an oval and make a pit stop, where the other teammates will have to change the front-left tire. The final race is 3 laps of the oval in a head to head race to the finish line. The team who completes each course the fastest, winning 2 out of 3, is the 2003 Grand Champion.

The Destroyers want to build a car reminiscent of a 1950s Indy car. The engine will be at the front with the driver behind the engine (like a typical car) with a aerodynamic body. They also want to keep the car light. This isn't an overly complicated build but they will have to add something like a wing to the car to keep the light back-end from kicking out when taking a corner fast (aka over steer). They may also need to fight off complacency as they have won 4 challenges in a row and The Cat-alysts aren't an easy team to beat.

Speaking of The Cat-alysts, they're going hi-tech. They want to build a modern F1 car with a mid-mounted engine with the driver sitting in front of an engine. To keep the weight down, they will also build a light-weight chassis to put all of this on. They will also have to add a wing to keep their front end on the road. They have the opposite problem as the Destroyers, with a light front-end. The wing should keep them from spinning out when going around corners (aka under steer). It's all very complicated to get the geometry and so forth correct. Are The Cat-alysts rusty after a year without scrapheaping?

Destroyers Expert
Nick Jordan
The Cat-alysts Expert
Matt Feasey
The Destroyers want a
front-engine 50s Indy car
The Cat-alysts want to
build a modern Indy car
This Nissan Bluebird will provide
the Cats with 1800cc's of oomph
The Cats have also found a mass
of steel tubing for their chassis
The 2L engine from this Jeep has
lots of power for the Destroyers
The prefect chassis is this light-weight
and super-strong helicopter frame
The Grand Final Judge
Rob Taylor
With no steel the Destroyers have
resorted to sealing it from the Cats
The front end assembly of this 
rear-engine Skoda will work 
perfectly for the Cats
Uhh...something missing guys?
No steel makes for no chassis which
makes no get-up and go
The steel they do have is so weak, they
will have to weld lots of it together
Tim has been elected driver and is
getting the drivers seat custom tailored
With the tranny mounted backward,
the gears are also backward so the
Cats driver will have some tricky shifting
A wing, set to seven degrees, should
provide enough down force to keep
the Cats on track for a quick time
To cut down on turbulence, the 
Destroyers install body panels
The Destroyers VW Beetle
skinned racer
The Cat-alysts
copter-framed, sleek runner
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