Part 2
The Megalomaniacs lightweight
The Brothers in Arms mega-sized
Daz gets some last minute instructions
from Brian
They're off...except for Colonel Dick
whose gearbox is terminal
The Megs first run down the 1/8th mile
was 11.207 seconds at 61.56 miles per 
But Dick will run the track backwards!
And he turns in an abysmal, but not bad
for going backwards, time of 19.732
at 30.95mph.
That's much more like it! The closest
blur is the megs and the blur in the
background is the Brothers
An impressive run for Dick! 11.49s
at 48.81mph!
The new time to beat is 11.141s as
posted by the Megs in their 2nd run
This is it. They're lined up...
...and it's nearly a photo finish!
This is the Megs slowest time at 11.279s
But the Brother's just miss out!
The Megalomaniacs are the grand