Cold Wars
Once again, three international teams have descended upon the junkyard to build a madcap machine. This time we have the Siberian Snowstormers, a foursome of tractor engineers from Belarus. The American Blizzards, who work in the arctic and the British Blizzards. The Blizzards built an amphibious vehicle that crossed the Bering Strait. In this two-day (20 hour) build, the teams will have the construct a machine that will brave 3 icy challenges. First, their machines must race up a 30o slope. The next trick will be to maneuver through a downhill slalom course which has 6 gates. Each missed gate incurs a one minute penalty. Finally, they will have to smash through a giant wall of ice, snow and rock. The wall is 5 feet thick and 8 feet high. The team who finishes first in each event gets 3 points. Second place is worth 2 points and last place is worth one point. The team with the highest score after 3 events is the chilly champion!

The Siberian Snowstormers are sticking with what they know. By using a large truck, they will add a second rear axle and wrap the rear tires with a tread. Normal drive-wheels in front and a track in the rear is a half-track. To get through the wall, they want to build a giant snow-fan on the back of the truck. A small car will be attached to the truck and will power the blades of the fan which should cut through the wall. They're going to need 2 reliable vehicles to make this work. Another thing to consider is that this vehicle will be kind of heavy and won't steer very well on the downhill with thin tires in front. This might be a challenge to control.

The American Icebergs are going to build a tank, plain and simple. They also want a large truck and add two axles (called bogey wheels) in the middle to keep their tank treads stable. To get throng the wall, they will implement a "stinger". They will back into the wall with a pointy shaft which is powered by a motorcycle engine, they deploy two "wings" which should grab at the wall and pull it over. Without proper braking, this vehicle will be impossible to control. Also, it will be lightweight and may have a tough time getting traction for the trip up the incline and keeping momentum for the ride down the slalom.

The British Blizzards want brute force to see them through. They want to weld two big trucks end to end and create an 8-wheel drive, V16 monster. With all of this power, they will attach a large spike/cow catcher at the front and just ram the wall until it falls over. Steering will be tricky as they will have to use a hook-and-ladder method. Also the axles on the rear truck will have to be flipped over to get maximum power. This thing will be massively heavy and could just sink into the snow and spin itself even deeper into the ground. With the other teams looking for trucks, might be interesting finding a pair of them.

Siberian Snowstormers
cwise fr top left
Captain Yuriy, Sergei,
Ark and Valery
American Icebergs
cwise fr top left
Captain Nanook, Tom,
Otto, Catman and
Bear (center)
British Blizzards
cwise fr top left
H, Gray, Wall
and Mickey C
The American and Belarussians are
both looking for tracks
The Belarussians strike gold with this
beat-up Suburban
The Brits are in good shape with one
of two Ford Broncos
The easy way to remove the back
of a Bronco...hitch it to the quadbike
Judge Dave Bresnahan
Everyone needs a lot of tires. Between
all the teams, 30 tires are needed!
To make them fit, the Belarussians weld
new hubs in place of the old ones
The Yanks stole the keys to the Brits
Bronco, so they caress the ignition
After halving the van and removing some,
the Americans weld it back together
The Brits check out their 8WD
behemoth as it comes together
The Belarussians are pleased with how
their track comes together
To power their snow fan, they attach
1/2 of a Toyota to the half-track
The Brits have stolen a lot of steel and
are selling it to the highest bidder
The Americans work on the frame that
will hold their stinger in place
To increase their footprint, the Brits
are making their truck a 16WD!
To steer, and stop, brakes are necessary
for the American team
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