Car Flinger
part two
Robert at the Cats TC try stretching
rubber. It could stretch 6 times
it's length at most
With some more help the arm, pivot
and skip are hoisted into place
The Cat-alysts Flinger
The Barley Pickers Flinger
The Cats oil up their ramp for a
smooth ride
The ramp is inclined to 25 degrees
Meanwhile, the Pickers load
4 TONS of lead into the skip
The Cats get their first Mini
loaded onto the trolley
This big truck will take the slack
out of the chain and stretch the rubber
There goes the Mini!
And traveled zero meters as
the tow chain snapped
The heavily loaded skip is raised into 
place as the pin is fixed in place
The pin is pulled and...
The machine ripped itself apart
The judges did decide that the Mini
did travel a whole 9 meters
(albeit in the wrong direction)
The Cats still have to get
distance on this shot
The truck pulss the elastic back,
with a new chain
The sheer pin snapped... ..and there it goes!
Oh! Such a landing with a
distance of 15.5 meters
Your 2002 Champion of Champions
The Cat-alysts!