The crew likes smelling fresh. So, a
septic truck pumps out the porta-potties
every morning
As Tyler said that's just not good
Not only is he a top-rated TV host,
he also knows his way around an
eyebrow pencil!
Just a few of the thousands of tapes
received by the staff.  Every tape is
...even the weird ones where these guys
dressed in drag.
Just one of the many producers whose
job it is to watch ALL of those tapes
These guys pointed their potato gun at
a window. Let's just say the results
weren't pretty
Jeff, in the yellow hard hat, gives one of
the Ghost Mountain Riders a 'crash'
course in handling a buggy
Eloise is in charge of the costume design
on the show...
...and it was no coincidence that the
Law Dawgs (cops) were dressed in blue
and the Ghost Mountin Riders (bikers)
were dressed in "prison inmate orange"
No one had the heart to tell Cathy that
her impromptu water-ballet routine would
not be used in the torpedo episode
Half the crew didn't know what bodging
meant. Cathy describes it as "Putting
a square peg in a round hole with sheer,
brute force."
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