As the series started, the crew had to 
build the set from scratch
Cathy talks to Clint the Art Director. He 
oversees building sets, art pieces & building 
the trophies 
Tristen is in charge of re-seeding the 
junkyard with scrap and trains the teams 
on how to use the tools
Look familiar? Engineering consultant 
Greg Bryant has served as expert to 
two different teams on two different 
The Ghost Mountain Riders' monster 
truck tires were filled with water. Letting 
all of that water out created concern of 
a major electrical problem
What you don't know is that when the host 
announces the machine to be built, they do 
it 2 hours before the teams show up. When 
the teams finally find out what they're building, 
all of the cameras are on them, not the hosts.
The Junkyard Gonger misfired and caught 
Cathy in the shin. She said a very naughty 
word beginning with 'F'
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