Alien Artillery
part three
The Henson guys are up and
very confident they'll do well
Alien #1 take a shot between
the eyes...ouch!
Their gun jams and the barrel comes
off to clear the problem
A perfect run in 6:03 gives them
3 points, ILM 2 and KNB 1
The teams are ready to battle
the big aliens with fire
The teams break off toward
their respective alien pairs
ILM is first to take on an alien
KNB aren't far behind either
KNB are aiming for the head, not
the support structure underneath
Henson's first alien is just
about ready to go down
It's down and they move
on to Alien #2
R2 drops his second alien and
heads toward the finish line
KNB have done away with their
second alien and head for home
ILM crosses first winning 3 points.
ILM has 6, KNB 5 and JHCS 7
At the final race, the teams are snipping
the three wires of the barrier
KNB and ILM are neck and neck 
getting through the barrier
KNB is the first to remove a panel
from the control panel barrier with
Henson and ILM closing the gap
ILM finally get one to catch up with
KNB and Henson
OH! The panel just slips off the
finger of ILMs R2D2 machine
With KNB and ILM peppering the alien
queen, ILM hits her eye first for the win!
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