Alien Artillery
part two
KNB get to work making their machine
gruesome by adding a shoulder pad
Weapons...schmeapons! The Henson
guys have finished the all-important head
ILM are first to get fitting to build
their propane fueled flame thrower
As darkness falls, Team Henson find
the final parts for their flame thrower
KNB shoot out a 25 foot flame
called the FlaSer (Flame Laser)
Henson have their flame thrower
working too in the dying minutes
ILM hurry up and weld R2's skin
KNBs Alien Alienator
ILMs R2Destruct2
Henson's Heavy Hitter
To judge the looks of the machines,
John Richardson
John gives 3 points to Team Henson,
2 to KNB and only 1 to ILM
ILM goes first and they 
miss the first alien
They take aim at, and
hit Alien #3
Ooh! A miss on the 4th alien
results in a broken window
ILM rolls across the finish line in
5:28 plus a 1 minute penalty
KNB roll off the start line,
also missing Alien #1
Alien #3 takes a golf ball
right in the kisser
Alien #4 gives them trouble and they
use all of their gas trying to hit it
In a major defeat, they roll across in
4:16 but have 4 penalties
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