Jet Cars
part two
The Goolies' Turbo Racer
The Destroyers' Pulse Car 
Bruce leaves the start line in a
thundering take-off
He is really racing down the track.
This will be a good time.
Bruse crosses the finish line in
37.01s at 24.3 mph
The Goolies' are having a problem
on the start line
They get it sorted out but their
afterburner isn't working
Extra gasses catch fire due to the hot
exhaust pipe. A time of 38.19s makes
is a close race (23.6 mph)
Bruce is ready to go again
He roars down the track
34.07s shaves almost 3 seconds
off his time and goes 2 mph faster
The Goolies' are off to a slightly
slower start than before
He has really picked up speed now
They are a little slower with a 39.21s
time doing 23 mph
Woah! The Destroyers are getting air
into the chamber and have a blow out
The Goolies' fire up their eninge only to
have low oil pressure in the turbo and
they throw in the towel for safety's sake
The Destroyers have the problem fixed
Bruce wants to break that 34s time
A blistering 30.2 mph speed puts him
over the finish line in 29.78s!