Jet Cars
In the first competition of the semi-finals, the Destroyers (Wheelie Car) are facing off against the Ging Gang Goolies (Backpack Car) in one of the more dangerous builds ever. The teams are building jet-engine powered cars. To determine the winner there are no slaloms, no figure-eights, no loop-de-loops...just three timed trials down a quarter-mile track. The team with the fastest overall time advances in the tournament.

The Destroyers are powering their car with a pulse-jet engine which has no moving parts. Fuel (in this case propane) is fed into a chamber and ignited. The hot air rushes out two ends of a bent pipe. It also creates a vacuum which sucks air back into the chamber where it's ignited by the fuel and rushes back out, creating pulses of thrust (up to 60 times a second). They also plan to fabricate most of their parts which will take precious amounts of time.

The Ging Gang Goolies are going with a turbo-jet. A fan turns and sucks (and compresses) air into a sealed chamber where it's mixed with fuel (again, propane) and ignited inside the chamber. The hot gasses travel out the back of the turbo and through a tapered pipe which pushes the car along. Time is against them in this difficult build and finding a turbo, probably on some sort of diesel engine, could take a lot of time.

Ging Gang Goolies Expert
Nick Haddock
Destroyers Expert
Bruce Simpson
The Goolies' Turbo Jet
The Destroyers' Pulse Jet
The wheels and steering from this
'granny scooter' are perfect
As is this table which they will cut
down and use as a chassis
The Goolies are waiting for their
scavengers to bring anything back
A bit of tubing is a start but they're
going to need more materials
A tractor will only give up it's
steering assembly...nothing more
Judge Richard Noble
By rolling steel through a press,
they can make some tubing easily
The Goolies need box steel, which the
Destroyers trade for a 90o pipe
The Goolies test out the strength of
their chassis which holds up
The combustion chamber is fitted
atop the turbo charger
This is an afterburner. By igniting 
kerosene in the exhaust, it burns
off more gas and increases thrust
These 2 bends are necessary to
make the double-ended pipe to
get the most from their pulse-jet
A leaf blower will be used to get 
the turbo up to speed
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