Ice Racers
part two
Course One: 3 Laps
around a Figure Eight
Hot Property make a skillfulll
turn around the course
The team wants the driver to go
faster but he's doing very well
Hot Property do well and
complete the task in only 1:45
Jet Pack are roaring around
the track at a blistering speed
Jet Pack could roll up a very
fast time if they stay problem free
Oh No. A chain fell off and 
their time is a respectable 2:06
In Race 2, the teams must go around
the slalom in the correct order
Hot Property start again and are
keeping up a good pace
They are handling the course very
well and could probably go faster
It's a time of 0:31 as they
cross the finish line
Jet Pack are tearing up the
slalom...and the ice
Not again! This time their engine
stall in a skid costing them time
They fall even further behind
with a time of 0:47
The final track is a relay
around the oval
Hot Proprty are going slow to
protect their trike from breaking
And even their driver changes are
very very VERY slooow
The tortoise heads toward the finish
line but we don't know the time
Jet Pack have nothing to lose and
everything to play for
They are just giving the course
hell to squeeze out a win
It's futile though and the expert does
doughnuts to the amusement of
everyone. Hot Property win!