Ice Racers

It's a slippery showdown as the teams must build a vehicle that can race across the surface of an ice rink. There will be three races consisting of three laps around a figure-eight track, a slalom course (where the teams must go through the numbered gates in order) and a final race around an oval. The final race is also a relay race with each team member completing one lap of the oval. The team with the fastest accumulated time over the three races advances in the tournament. In this build, the teams do have one common enemy...the rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Hot Property are thinking of three wheels. Their engine will be at the front pulling them along with a wheel in the back for stability. The wheels will have spiky studs on them for gripping into the ice. However, a small engine might not be best in a speed competition and a long wheelbase might make cornering difficult. Their biggest problem might be their inexperience with things mechanical (at least, that's how they are portrayed).

Jet Pack are going with 2 wheels. A big motorcycle engine will power a pair of wheels at the rear that will also be studded for traction. Up front, a pair of homemade skates will be their steering. Big and fast will be good in the straights but controlling it, especially on ice, will be tricky. However, they are likely to run into problems with their captain and expert having two different personality types which is sure to lead to some head-butting.

Hot Property
cwise fr top lt; Capt Ross, Craig,
Scott & expert Mike Cookson
Jet Pack
cwise fr top lt; Capt Ben, Toby,
Jo & expert Richard Hopkins
Hot Property's front 
wheel drive ice trike
Jet Pack's big, bad and
powerful skate car
Hot Property consider using a Mini
but opt for the front wheel assembly
Jet Pack are pleased as punch with a
4-cylinder, 4 stroke motorcycle
Poor scavenging skills have left
Hot Property with little to do
Hot Property try bringing in a large
piece of steel, only to get stuck
Unbeknownst to Hot Property, who
need a motorcycle, there's one outside
their build bay rejected by the others
A spiffy seat from a bakery tray will
put Jet Pack out front...and their
engine directly behind their heads
Judge Graham Drury
For traction, Jet Pack are welding rods
across some tire rims at angles
Robert takes pity on Hot Property
and aids them in scavanging
Jet Pack get to work on sharpening
their skate steering system
Hot Property need a pair
of tires and can't find any
To make their tires grip, they shoot
nails through a strip of steel sheeting
Um...guys...I don't think your
steering is quite worked out
To get more grip, Jet Pack weld chains
to their 1/2 chevron grippers
Jet Pack's Motor Skater
Hot Property's FWD Ice Car
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