Giant Darts
part two
Lisa demonstrates how to throw
a giant dart at distance
The Jousters wind their winch
It flys forth at great speed
And falls just 10cm from the target!
The Iron Maidens put their backs
into tensioning their spring
Expter Tod is ready to launch
forth their giant dart
It takes off fine but gets caught in the
launch rope and falls far short
Shot 2 and the Jousters are ready
to hit the target and score
It went right through!
Just above the Double ring and they
are on the board with a hit
The Maidens' pull the ropes and add
tension to the spring
It's released and...
They do much better but it still
falls quite short of the target
The Jousters go for broke and
pull their bow very far back
So far, it breaks apart before they
can fire their dart. They did hit it once
so it's all on the Maidens now
To hopefully get more power, they
remove the circle and attach the
spring directly to the dart
Gently ladies. Put tension on the
spring with the greatest of ease
Oh no! Their rope broke and the spring
has sprung. The Jousters win!