Giant Darts
This is the final contest before the semi-finals and will require power and accuracy. The teams have been asked to build a machine capable of launching a giant dart at an over-sized dartboard. Each team gets 3 shots to get their dart to land as close to the bullseye as possible. As an added component of the build, they will also have to construct their dart (just one) using a piece of aluminum pole provided by the show.

The Jousters are getting all medieval on this challenge by building a giant crossbow. Plywood will be layered together and attached to a shaft. The ends of the plywood spring will be drawn back and will fling the dart towards the target. It's actually quite simple to build and shouldn't pose any major engineering problems. However, they will have to overcome a lackadaisical attitude if they're going to get this done.

The Iron Maidens, who are the first ever British all-woman team, have a strange contraption in mind. Basically a spring will be compressed and fling the dart through the air when it is released. However, they are adding a pivoting 1/4 circle to pull the dart up the chute and release it. The theory is that it will provide better acceleration and a smoother take-off. Finding all of the components, then fabricating this hard-to-visualize machine might be tricky.

cwise fr top lt; Capt Tom, Scotty,
Sparky & expert Paul Denney
Iron Maidens
cwise fr top lt; Capt Suzanne, Harry,
Wendy & expert Tod Todescini
The Maidens' rotating flinger
The Jousters Crossbow
The Maidens waste no time in
finding a boat-trailer base...
...and springs to power their
odd contraption
However, the Jousters' scavengers
are taking their time
Finally, they find some bits of
plywood for making the bow
Fabrication of the quarter-circle
is complete and the expert is pleased
The odd key-notch at the end of the
planks will be used to hold the rope
Judge Lt. Col. Simon West
The stock of the cross-bow will come
from this chunky steel I-beam
To keep the flinger from wobbling
around, they add struts for support
3 smaller springs strung together
makes for one large spring
Robert delivers lard which will be used
to grease the boards, allow them to
slip past on another as they are bent
The boards are staggered to be think
in the middle and thinner on the ends.
All are bolted together for strength
Don't forget to make your dart
That winch will pull the crossbow
The Iron Maidens' Dart Thrower
The Jousters' Cross Bow
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