Car Curling
part two
The Cops and Bodger prepare for
their first try at Car Curling
The push bar works very well as
the Mini moves down the sheet
It's a gingerly run, landing them
19.7m from the centre of the house
The Destroyers load their Mini
into it's launch chute
The revs are up and...
..the Mini sputters. Their push bar
bent against the Mini and popped off
The Cops and Bodgers are ready for
try #2 as the weight goes back
The 2nd Mini does pass the first
one meaning it's a better shot
But not much better. They are closer
but are still 17.3m away
The destroyers have their engine
revved up and are ready to try again
This time it works very well
They are only 7.3m from the button
Both teams go at once as the Cops
and Bodgers get carefully set-up
The Destroyers are giving their engine
as high revs as they feel confident
The Cops' Mini is off the mark first
Here come the Destroyers...
Oh! A collision with their 2nd attempt
stops their Mini cold but it's still good
enough for a spot in the finals!