part two
Some lovely seating is placed
on the screw pontoon boat
A differential on either side will transfer
the axle power 90 degrees to the screw
The Martial Mechanics 
screw-powered ship
The Boat Buoys sinking susceptible
The all steel skip requires many
hands to launch...
...while the Mechanics' boat slips
calmly into the water
Due to severe listing, the Mechanics'
have offered to lend a barrel for support
At the start of heat 1, the Mechanics
steam past the Boat Buoys with ease
However, their turn is ugly and they
end up dead in the water
The Boat Buoys take advantage and
the lead
They easily sail to a win
This is the failure. The differential
twisted itself apart
REpaired and underway, it's a repeat
of the first race so far
The Boat Buoys tow their barge
But the Mechanics catch a chain attached
to a marker and run aground
It's another easy win for the Buoys
and they take a 2 point lead
The Mechanics, with one screw operating,
are winning the tug-of-war!
It also twisted itself apart and the
Boat Buoys get a clean sweep into
the finals