Smooth Rider
 part two
The Young Ones are off to a
relatively smooth start
A little jostle here and there but
nothing too serious
The judges confirm, 12.5 inches of
goo left
The Barley Pickers are doing
remarkably well also
A little slop there
Judges say 12.75" of goo remaining!
2nd course and the Young Ones aren't
doing well at all
Even getting lost in the giant
mud puddle
Whoa! Big slops like that left them
with only 6" remaining
The Barley Pickers are off to a
slop-free start!
Ooh...that's another little one
They lost a mere half-inch of gunge!!
The Young Ones are driving the Pickers
truck with not much success
Fast through the water...doesn't look
like they lost much
Many, many big splashes like that
seal the fate of the Young Ones
Ken got that little truck
airborne! Incredible!!
The Barley Pickers celebrate an easy
victory. In the final course, the Young
Ones had 3/4" remaining to 10 3/4"
left for the Pickers