Rail/Road Racer
part two
The teams go for a quick road teat
The Ratz position their racer onto
the tracks
They are now in the upright
and locked position
They roll along very easily, to the
surprise of Robert & the Expert
Their time was 5:51 but they couldn't
get stopped, so they kept on rolling
The Pit Stop's get themsevles into
position which is tricky
A bit slower but they roll down the
line with relative ease
Lisa stops the clock at 6:47 which
is quite a bit slower
The Pit Stop's are up next towing
a tonne of weight
Too bad they lost a wheel in
the process of the tow
At the top of the gradient, their time
is 2:04 for a total of 8:51
The Ratz take off up the hill and are
making great time
And great time it is! A blistering 1:29
for a 7:20 total time
In the race, the Ratz are flying down
the track
Lisa waves the checkered flag and
their time of 2:21 brings them to a
total of 9:41
The Pit Stop Crew must make up
a lot of time on this leg. Everyone
is on board and they're going fast
But they fall off the track! Even though
the Ratz try to help, they stop the
clock giving the Tunnel Ratz the win