part two
The Hammerlocks' Mega Monowheel
The Tunnel Ratz DIY Disc
The Tunnel Ratz decide to replace the
guide sprockets with guide wheels
The Hammerlocks go first and are
off to a slow start
2nd leg looks a bit faster, but not much
with TC Rod at the helm
The third leg is fastest with a total
time of 2:42
The Tunnel Ratz are faster but far
It's another quick run back up
the track
They finish in record time with a total
time of 2:09...a 33 second lead!
Too much power at the start has made
the driver nervous as he spun backwards
a bit too far
It's a slow run...and the lead dwindles
The lead has vanished with a time
of 4:30 for a grand total of 6:39
The Hammerlocks are going along
much faster
The line judges are even running
along side just to keep up!
It's a blistering 1:34 for a winning
total of 4:16 and a place in the