part two
Oh no! The manual winch is stuck
The bucket goes up in a quick test
The Hammerlocks'
dirty drag-line digger
The Barley Pickers'
exciting excavator
They're off on the first mission
The Barley Pickers hit
pay-dirt first
The Hammerlocks dig in...
...but it all goes wrong as
it tips over
The Barley Pickers get their 
1/2 ton first
The reach of the excavator
is amazing
The Hammerlocks continue
to struggle
The Barley Pickers are
at the car already
It keeps going downhill
They get the horn first and win
The Hammerlocks are knackered
and disappointed
The Barley Pickers have snapped
the frame of their Land Rover
The Hammerlocks come on
strong filling the ditch
The Barley Pickers pack the
sand so they don't fall over
They're going for it and...
...the curse is broken!
The Pickers win!