For these teams (Barley Pickers and  Hammerlocks) the earth will definitely move, oh yeah!! The teams will be building digging machines in just ten hours. Once completed, they will compete in three "races" worth 1, 1 and 2 points respectively. The first race is to move sand from one area and dump it into a scale. First team to fill it with a half-a-tonne of sand, wins. Secondly, they're digging cars out from under 10 tonnes of sand. The first team to remove enough sand to open a door and blow an air horn is the winner. Finally, they must fill a ditch that is about 2 feet deep with enough sand to drive their vehicle over it and across the finish line.

The Barley Pickers are going for the machine you and I are most used to seeing, an excavator. A beefy truck will support an arm that pivots in 3 locations (at the base, in the middle and at the bucket) with a bucket on the end. It's a straightforward design that will be easy to operate once it's built. However, to power these pivot points they plan on using...wait for it...hydraulic rams. Their biggest problem is going to be facing the curse of hydraulics. A hydraulic machine has NEVER won a race in any series in any version of the show.

The Hammerlocks, featuring Conscience (Vigilante had to defend his belt), are going with a design only the biggest of diggers use...a dragline. Essentially, a drag line has a bucket in the end that is dragged across and through the dirt into a large bucket. It will require two chain and pulley systems...one to pull the bucket through the dirt and one to raise the bucket into the air. Finding motors to raise/drag the bucket will be tough as will finding chain and pulleys. This might be a back-breaking test day for the team.
Hammerlock TC Peter Hillman
Barley Pickers TC Ian Lewis
The Hammerlocks design
The Barley Pickers design
Both teams will employ the
power of dandy Landies
This axle will be the pivot,
swivel and 1st arm
A looong pole should 
make a fine boom
Getting the tires off of the
axle proves difficult
This garbage truck will provide
it's hydraulic rams
Expert Hugh Edeleanu
The Hammerlocks install one
of two support frames
Teeth welded to the bucket
will help it to cut into earth
The Barley Pickers put the 
swivel into their digger
The Hammerlocks rejoice
with one of two winches
This piece of box steel should
be plenty strong
The pulley goes in place
This compressed air tank, cut
down, will make a dandy dipper
The Barley Pickers must get
a maze of hoses right or their
digger won't do diddly

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