Blind Navigation
part two
The Academics install one of three
big jacks to lift the van off the ground
The Hammerlocks have finally gotten
their gyro figured out
This winch will raise and lower the
turntable/jacking system
The Academics Anonymous' rotating
The Hammerlocks gyro-compass
The course. They cannot travel to the
outside of the outer barriers
The teams are led to their vehicles
for a practice run
The Academics do OK, missing the
X by only 10.1 meters
The Hammerlocks, however, are
far off the mark at 26.2 meters
Getting off to a slow start, the
Hammerlocks are feeling their way
around the corner
The Academics have just plowed into
the barrier, knocking it over
They're up but turning the
wrong way!
They've knocked over a barrel but are
on course again
Only they've gone up a small bank
and gotten their turntable stuck
The Hamerlocks have a tricky time
getting around the final corner
The Hammerlocks win by almost a mile
(the red circle indicates the Academics)