Part Two
The Cat-alysts 6WD TBM
The X-tinguisher's Ford TBM
The first team to cross the perimeter
fence wins
The Cats go over gearing instructions
printed on the Gypsy
The X-tinguisher's draw first blood
And the Cat-alysts make short work
of the soft concrete
The 2nd part of the X-tinguishers'
TBM drill head engages
The Cat's will probably have to remove
the drilled out concrete, called 'Spoil'
The cats are thru first
Look at that nice, clean hole
The X-tinguishers are trailing going into
the second wall
Will that stand up to the hard, coarse
The X-tinguishers make short work of
their toughened wall
The Cat-alysts are through their
wall first!
But the X-tinguishers aren't far behind
Too late!  The Cats are going to the
grand final!