Egg Shooter
Part Two
The Dirty Dancers' Egg Launcher
Storm Force's Egg-apult
Storm Force wind their machine back...
...the egg is loaded in...
...and flies through the air!
Looks like about 46 meters on their
first shot
The Dirty Dancers rev their engine...
...and launch their egg-rocket up the chute
However, they score only 24 meters
The Dirty Dancers move their machine
forward to the 24 meter mark
Storm Force really launches their egg!
Uh oh...bad news
An impressive shot of 40 meters
but the egg was broken
The Dirty Dancers really get their
egg airborn
Ooh...that does look bad
It was. A 47 meter toss would have
given them the lead, had the egg
Storm Force gives their egg shooter
everything it's worth with a big wind-up
Textbook! Their egg-rocket merely
kisses the earth
Looks good lads...
Oh No! The egg blew out when they
launched it!
Had their egg not broken, they could
have added 35 meters
But the Dirty Dancers' machine mis-fired.
Their egg survived it's trip of 1.5 meters
but it's not enough
Your winners...Storm Force!