Egg Shooter

The two teams, the Dirty Dancers & Storm Force, face off to see who can launch an ostrich egg the farthest and have it land without being broken. The 2 factors that will need to be addressed will be how to launch the egg and how to pad it to survive the landing. They will also have to consider going for a long distance and risk breaking the egg or save the egg by going for a very short distance, hoping the other team breaks their egg. Each team has 3 shots to get their egg the farthest. If their egg survives the landing, they can move their shooter up to that point and fire from that point. Total distance fired with successful landings, wins.

The Dirty Dancers are going for a totally original design. They will use an engine to turn a drive shaft that will pull on a cable that will release at the top of a chute flinging the egg through the air. To deploy their parachute, they will lock a fishing reel attached to the parachute. Main problems? Cushioning and, as usual, finding a working engine.

Storm Force will be building a springall. Essentially it's 2 pieces of wood wound in twists of rope. The boards will be released and fling the egg forward, like a slingshot/catapult. Their chute will ALSO be deployed with a fishing pole.  They'll need to find good rope and also make sure their padding will work.

Storm Force
l to r; Captain Waggie, 
Richard, Martin
inset; expert Paul
The Dirty Dancers
clockwise from top left; Capt Dev,
Shaun, Bob, expert Jem Stanfield
Storm Force's Egg Thwacker
The Dirty Dancers Egg Launcher
That enough rope but awfully
Will this Kawasaki motorcycle provide
egg-flinging power?
A bit of welding by a Dirty Dancer
This weeks judge is Ivan Williams
The Storm Force are hard at work... are the Dirty Dancers
Captain Waggie makes a periscope
to spy on the competition
Some exchanging takes place.  Untangled
rope for a fishing pole
Is that the right bunch of wires?
Storm Force provides a shower
of sparks
The Ammunition
Each team will use a fishing pole to
deploy their chutes
This will act as the rocket for
Storm Force
The Dirty Dancers try and show Robert
a few moves
This chute seems to work fine
45 degrees is the "optimum trajectory"
It's not a monster...just Robert and
his bullhorn
Storm Force twist their rope to
see if it'll work
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